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5 Advantages of the Inteliscope Airsoft Scope

By April 15, 2017Airsoft
Airsoft Scope Inteliscope

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, there is a lot to consider when choosing an airsoft scope for your rifle. From price, durability and overall use—a scope is the most useful addition for any airsoft player.

However, for those looking to be a little different, and who want to make use of today’s smartphone tech, Inteliscope can offer you a cool and unique advantage over your competition.

In this post, we look at five benefits Inteliscope can give you when adapting it as your primary airsoft scope.


1. Large heads up display

Depending on whether you’re running an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or Galaxy s7, a large screen display allows you to acquire targets faster while maintaining greater situational awareness. The range of the Inteliscope is about 100 yards—so you wouldn’t want to use it as a sniper rifle scope—but in CQB situations, a larger screen can really make a difference.

Instead of maintaining the “cheek to stock weld” position, you can use Inteliscope like you would when playing your Playstation or XBOX—allowing you to relax more in the ready/shoot position. This can decrease target fixation (tunnel vision) and allow you to utilize more of your peripheral vision—decreasing your chances of getting hit and having to head back to the starting area.

Before attaching Inteliscope to your rifle, make sure you have a durable case that covers the screen of your phone just in case a stray BB comes from behind.


2. Video Record Your Shots


Inteliscope allows you to record your shots, which makes for some awesome video footage. Since the mount attaches to the picatinny rail, you’ll get an interesting angle of play to share with your team (or on social media). Video can help for training purposes and for recalling that awesome hit shot.

If you decide not to use Inteliscope as your primary airsoft scope, you can still use it as a side attachment for video and for thermal vision (see below.)


3. Shoot around corners without exposing your head

Some fields may have restrictions on blind firing, but with the Inteliscope you can virtually shoot around corners because of the large display. Depending on the rules, this can be a real competitive advantage. Be sure to check with the Refs first.


4. See in the dark without breaking the bank

Airsoft Thermal ScopeIn most cases, thermal and night vision are allowed when playing at night. Thermal vision is better than night vision because it doesn’t use ambient light—where thermal uses heat signatures that allow you to see farther and into heavy cover. Inteliscope integrates with SEEK Thermal, a small compact thermal camera that can be adapted to the PRO+ mount. SEEK has an “identifying” range out to 800 yards which can be useful when spotting snipers. Inteliscope gives you a great and affordable way to harness the advantages of thermal vision for low cost.

Photo credit: Boligan Airsoft


5. Tech out your airsoft rifle

Airsoft Scope Thermal Vision
Photo credit: Evike

There’s no doubt that mounting the power of your smartphone to your rifle for a super cool airsoft scope is undeniable—it just looks cool. The PRO+ mount is made from metal and then coated with a black rubber coating making it extremely durable. Inteliscope was designed and built to meet military and law enforcement quality standards.

In conclusion, Inteliscope provides a large heads up display, the ability to record video, shoot around corners and see in the dark. If you’re looking for something different and want to take advantage of the latest smartphone tech on the airsoft battlefield—Inteliscope may be the airsoft scope you’re looking for.


Airsoft Inteliscope Advantages



If you’re using Inteliscope for airsoft, send us some pictures and we’ll post it to our followers on Facebook!

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