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Five Ways to Tech Out Your AR-15

By November 19, 2016Ar15
Five ways to tech out your Ar15

In a world that seems to revolve around technological advancements, the AR-15 enthusiast has a multitude of options to stay on the cutting edge of progress. Do you have the top five tech-savvy devices to take your shooting and AR to the next level?

Advanced Optics

When it comes to teching out your AR-15, NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) reports: the number one aftermarket purchase is a scope. Modern scopes offer advanced targeting and provide a clear field of vision, making missed shots a rare occurrence. Though adding a scope to your AR may seem to be a simple choice, the vast selection of high-tech, high-powered optics is enough to boggle the mind. Whether you choose a traditional crosshair reticle or contemporary thermal imaging, you will find a staggering variety of options. So, do your research and select the style that will best meet your shooting needs. Most scopes start at $300 and go up from there. 

Range Finder Ar15

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Add a Radius™ Rangefinder

Teching out your rifle with a rail-mountable rangefinder ensures you’ll know exactly how far out your target is so you can make necessary elevation adjustments for a direct hit. SilencerCo Weapons Research™ offers one of the best with its Radius rangefinder that gives you up to a mile of ranging and is ready for mounting with its Picatinny rail compatible design.

Increase Accuracy with Crimson Trace™

Deck out your AR-15 with a Crimson Trace™ Wireless Laser sight and stay on target with each pull of the trigger. Its cutting edge wireless design offers hassle-free use with a pressure activated pad on the grip, which eliminates the need to reach your hand to the forend while attempting to take aim.

ar 15 laser techBright Strike AR15 attachementIlluminate and Record with the Brite-Strike™ Duty Light Camera

From backing up those around-the-campfire tales your hunting buddies refuse to believe, to providing proof of self-defense, the Brite-Strike Duty Light Camera provides up to 310 lumens of illumination and reliable audio/video recording capabilities. It can be easily attached to your AR-15 with the use of a rail-compatible mount. For further user-friendly appeal, the Duty Light Camera features a rechargeable lithium battery; when power begins to wane, just plug it into an outlet to recharge. With its shock and water resistant design, it’s sure to offer years of dependable service.

Do It All with Inteliscope™

Cheap Termal Smarthphone ScopeThere are very few gadgets that do it all at a reasonable cost, but Inteliscope covers the bases at a price most hunters and shooters can swing. And with technology now taking the lead in shooting sports, Inteliscope is an absolute must-have piece that offers exceptional tactical target accuracy and loads of versatility.

So how does Inteliscope work? Attach the Inteliscope mount to the Picatinny rail of your AR-15. (If you do not have a Picatinny rail, the Inteliscope system can also be mounted with a scope adapter.) Once it’s in place, slip your smartphone into the mount and initiate the free downloadable Inteliscope app.

What’s so special about the app? Access to instant windage and bullet drop information, to name a couple of special features. Not to mention a simple-to-use zoom function, as well as optional thermal capabilities that allow you to detect heat-radiating targets up to 1800 yards away and identify up to 100 yards away. 

On top of these special functions, you will enjoy the easy-to-read convenience of a large screen and can record your hunting experiences to share with the buddies who normally wouldn’t believe your larger-than-life hunting tales. And for hunting during the dusky dark hours, the Inteliscope app communicates with your smartphone’s flashlight to provide illumination when you need it most.

If you love the variety of an assortment of AR furniture, tech it up with top-of-the-line optics, a Radius rangefinder, Crimson Trace™ Wireless Laser Sight and a Brite-Strike Duty Light Camera. But, for the marksman who likes to keep it simple, Inteliscope offers the direct route to perfect performance with everything you need for optimum target strikes with your AR-15 under $500 bucks. 

Download the free app or buy Inteliscope with SEEK® Thermal to take your AR setup to the next level.