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8 Essential Inteliscope Hunting App Tips For Your Next Hunt

By April 8, 2017Hunting Apps
Hunting App Inteliscope

Whether you’re heading out to hunt hogs, deer, turkey or coyotes, every hunting app runs on a charged smartphone—which can present some problems if you’re not properly prepared when heading out for a day of hunting.

Smartphones (Apple or Android) continue to become more durable with each passing year. From being waterproof, drop-proof and recoil resistant—smartphones are being brought into the woods, duck blinds and deer stands more often. “Some say technology has no place in the woods. Others welcome the added advantage and insight. Regardless of where you stand, it’s hard to rebut that modern technology helps even the odds.” Says Josh Honeycutt, Pro Staff member at RealTree.

There are a number of popular shooting and hunting apps out there. Google Earth and the OnyX Maps app—my two favorites—help me figure out where I’m going and where private/public land boundaries are. The Inteliscope app with the Pro+ mount allows me to bring target information and optional thermal vision as well as other hunting app functionality front and center.

In this post, we want to give you eight things to keep in mind before heading out with the Inteliscope hunting app along with some best outdoor smartphone tips to conserve energy and maximize use.

1. Get a good case

Accidents do happen; and unless you’re one of those people who never drop your phone— getting a good case is, of course, a no-brainer. Get a case that adds an extra layer of protection when it comes to rain, snow, sleet, heat, mud or a drop from the treestand. There are plenty of quality cases on the market that are affordable and durable. Check out your local Bass Pro, Dick’s or Cabela’s to find the best for outdoor use. Check out this post on a few we recommend


2. Sight in Inteliscope before your hunt

Make sure to mount and sight in Inteliscope on your chosen rifle with the correct load settings before your hunt. Adjust the mount Location Reference Locator to save your exact settings, so you know you’re zeroed in. Download our manual for instructions.

Hunting App Targeting

Photo credit: @AlanGallagher83

3. Charge it up and bring an extra battery pack

You, like me, probably charge your phone every night before you go to bed. But if you forget to charge your phone before heading out—make sure you got a back-up charger in your truck. If you’re planning an all-day hunt, a battery pack can be a welcomed relief when your phone is at 5%, it’s dark, and you’re still five miles from the trailhead. Check out these products from Dark Energy.

Hunting App Battery Pack


4. Make sure to register the Inteliscope App

Inteliscope requires you to register the app before use. If you’re a new buyer, don’t wait to sign in until you get to your hunting spot and you’re out of WIFI range—otherwise you’ll be locked out. Check the app to make sure it boots up correctly while you have a hot spot, preferably before leaving your house.

5. Set your phone up correctly

When using your phone in the outdoors, a few simple setting adjustments can help your Inteliscope app work better and more efficiently.

Here are a few tips:

  • Conserve power by turning your phone on “low energy” mode that will temporarily block background app refresh, mail fetch, Siri, and automatic downloads. This will extend your battery life by almost 2 hours. (Source: Wired) By looking at your battery settings, you can see what apps are eating up most of your battery life. Turn those apps off or delete when hunting (you can reinstall later). For more tips, check out this article.
  • Turn your sound off or turn on “Do Not Disturb” from the bottom flip-up menu. This will disable all beeps, bops, and dings, so you don’t give away your position while hunting.Hunting App Screen
  • Dim your smartphone screen to decrease screen glare when hunting hogs or varmints at night. This is especially useful when using Inteliscope’s thermal vision capabilities. This can be found under Settings > Display & Brightness.  If you’re running an iPhone 7, be sure the “Raise to Wake” setting is toggled on. When you raise and twist your rifle when raising it up to shoot, your phone will automatically come on.
  • Disable your Passcode.
    If you have your phone passcode enabled, it might be wise to disable this, so you don’t have to punch in your security code when a hog, deer, turkey or yote comes within range. By going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode—disable your passcode so won’t be forced to enter it when it comes time to shoot. Turn it back on when you get back to town.  
  • Access the Inteliscope App faster when in sleep mode. To open the Inteliscope App faster while your iPhone is in sleep mode—first turn the app on and then click the sleep/wake button on the side of your phone (not the Home button/Touch ID Sensor). This will leave the app running while your phone is in sleep mode. When you’re ready to fire, just hit the home button twice and the app will already be running allowing you to get on target faster.

6. Record your hunt

One of the best features of the Inteliscope hunting app is the ability to record video of your hunt during the day—or night while using thermal vision. This is a great way to capture your memories and to use as a training tool. You no longer need a cameraman to capture your kill shots—and nothing beats the unique barrel positioned video angle you get from a gun mounted camera Inteliscope provides.


7. Utilize the heads up display

The Inteliscope Pro+ mount allows you to not only use the Inteliscope targeting app but because it mounts to your rifle—you can use other apps like GPS to navigate through tough terrain in a heads up/ready position. This is helpful when on the chase or when the trail gets a little nasty.

The mount is also useful when using apps that feature game calls like the Primos Hunting Call app. You can sound the calls directly from your rifle without having to pull your phone back in/out of your pocket.

In all, there are many advantages to hunting with Inteliscope and other hunting apps when properly prepared. With a little setup and practice, the Inteliscope app and Pro+ mount give you many ways to take your hunting to the next level.

We agree it isn’t for everyone. Some people will check their phones at the door before heading afield—but for those who embrace technology and the many benefits smartphones offer in the field, Inteliscope offers the best of both worlds.

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