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5 Great Tech Gift Ideas for Hunters

By November 6, 2016Inteliscope
Great Tech Gift Ideas for Hunters

The hunter on your list might present one of your biggest challenges to buy for. Sure, there’s always ammo, a good pint of whiskey, or a new camo t-shirt, but maybe you’re looking for a “wow factor” or something they wouldn’t find themselves which will truly improve their hunt. If so, consider some of these tech-rooted gifts to bring your favorite hunter(s) into more modern times.

hunting-gift-sog-thermacellThermacell Mosquito Repeller

Thermacell’s Mosquito Repellers create a 15×15 zone of protection from mosquitos and other biting insects. An internally-contained butane cartridge heats a small insert treated with a naturally occurring repellant derived from chrysanthemums. There’s no open flame, though, and perhaps most importantly for your hunter, none of the smell which comes with sprays, oils, or lotions. The repellers come in basic colors or camouflage, and refills for the repellant can also be purchased separately.


hunting-gift-sog-lightSOG’s Bladelight

If the hunters you know are often out late night or early morning, they’ll no doubt love SOG’s BladeLight line. These knives come with LED lights built right into the handle to make field dressing a kill or otherwise using the knife in the dark an easy task. There are several options available; the BladeLight Hunt has a 3.8” fixed skinning blade and white LEDs, while the black BladeLight Tactical has a slightly longer blade and also uses red LEDs, which might be preferred by hunters using night optics.


hunting-gift-ozonicsOzonic Scent Elimination Device

Ozonic’s line of scent elimination devices masks the scent of humans from deer and other game by sending a cloak of ozone over the hunter to bond with and mask their scent molecules. The HR200 model has two levels of ozone output, for blind hunting or treestand hunting, while the more advanced HR300 features an integrated pulse technology to ensure the correct amount of ozone needed is always released. Both models mount with ease to any tree and have rechargeable batteries.


hunting-gift-fenixGarmin fenix

There are plenty of smartwatch options on the market, but for the hunter in your life, the fenix line of watches by Garmin may be the best purchase. The most basic Fenix model allows for storage of up to 1,000 waypoints to map a path which can be followed back to a campsite or tree stand without any need for wireless connectivity. When wireless is available, the fenix can share those paths and waypoints with other Garmin users. The watch also measures distance and pace, and later models even include a heart rate monitor. Best of all, there’s little to no risk of cracking these rugged screens.


hunting-gift-inteliscopeInteliscope Mount

The Inteliscope mount is necessary for your beloved hunter to reap the benefits of the Inteliscope app, which is actually totally free in and of itself. But with the mount, hunters can attach their Android or Apple smartphone to their rifle and take advantage of all kinds of features—auto-zeroing once the phone is calibrated properly to the gun, a flashlight function using their phone’s light, and aiming using the zoom feature already built into their camera’s phone. If you want to understand more about hunting and use the gift to build your relationship with a hunter, the app’s video feature means they can record their hunt and share it with you later. If you go
with the Inteliscope Pro+, there’s also the option for thermal imaging with the SEEK Camera, providing your hunter with a high-tech scope they can use night or day.

No matter which of these or other tech products you choose, we wish you and yours the very best holiday season. Happy holidays and happy hunting!

Inteliscope with Thermal


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