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7 Smartphone Hunting Apps We Recommend

By October 21, 2016Uncategorized
Smartphone Hunting App

Fall hunting season is in full gear, and most of us will be taking our smartphones into the woods.

Today, smartphones are used for more than just games, texting your friends or checking Facebook. With ever-increasing advancements in technology—smartphones are becoming more durable and practical for outdoor pursuits.

In this post, we wanted to take a look at seven smartphone hunting apps that can make your next hunt more enjoyable and potentially more successful.


Hunt Predictor Hunting App1. Hunt Predictor

Let no hunt go uninformed. Hunt Predictor uses an advanced tracking formula to help hunters find the right time and place for hunting deer, turkey, and waterfowl. It utilizes GPS to help you move throughout your terrain and track your prey. Hunt Predictor also keeps a built-in Buddy tracking system that allows users to keep tabs on their hunting buddies in the area. Cost: Free


ihunt Hunting App2. iHunt Calls

Put the power of over 600 different game calls into your pocket. iHunt comes with a unique playlist feature. This means you can design your own call scenarios. Which may be useful when you’ve got a hung up gobbler. For $69, you can amplify your call with its companion Bluetooth speaker. Be aware of any State hunting laws that prohibit electronic calls in your area. Cost: Free


Darksky Hunting App3. Dark Sky

Every hunter needs an advanced weather forecast by their side during their hunts. If it’s about to rain, you should know exactly when it’ll start and how long it will last. Dark Sky provides users with a location-based weather forecast that will tell you just that. From weekly outlooks to hourly forecasts, this one is the best weather app out there. Cost: $3.99




Hunt Stand Hunting App4. HuntStand

Build sophisticated and detailed maps of your hunting area, track your game and share your victories with others. Designed to give you the ability to connect with hunters all around the world, this app is for anybody looking to understand their hunting area with greater detail. HuntStand also provides hunters with a very real collaboration platform to share animal sightings, map activity, analyze statistics and data and even map out your next hunt. Cost: Free


Powderhook Hunting App5. Powderhook

Probably one of the most popular apps on the market for hunters is Powderhook. This app helps you locate places to hunt with over 700,000 different locations across the U.S. Similar to HuntStand; it creates a community of sportsman that can help each other out by locating game and share other information about an area. It feels like Facebook for hunting. Cost: Free



Hunting Maps Hunting App6. OnxMaps Hunt

Hunt smart with the new era of GPS. OnxMaps add a layer of private land information, which shows obvious property lines and landowner information, along with other critical map data important to hunters. HUNT Maps offer full GPS functionality giving hunters the ability—without a smartphone signal—to always know their location relative to property boundaries while seeing new access areas, roads, hunting units, and more! onXmaps HUNT Maps are even endorsed by numerous state and federal agencies as the most reliable source for public and private land ownership on the market. (Source: Hunting Maps) Cost: $14.99 – $99.99


Inteliscope Hunting App7. Inteliscope

Inteliscope is the only smartphone targeting app that can be mounted to your rifle or crossbow’s Picatinny rail (or scope). Inteliscope features many different reticle options and settings and also utilizes your phone’s camera features. The app allows you to look at your phone screen (with zoom option) for faster and safer target acquisition and a wider range of view. With the Thermal SEEK camera upgrade, you can turn your video feed into a thermal scope for hunting game at night. Inteliscope also has a video recording feature that allows you to capture your shots and play them back later, or share with fellow hunters. Cost: Free

Download the free app to get started using Inteliscope today!